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Looking for a replace for lost Teddy. Teddy won from park Fair

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morebluesky Mon 23-Apr-12 21:54:31

Hello -- my dd lost her favourite teddy on a flight in Vietnam this Easter. We've called the airlines and returned to the airport before heading back to the UK but there is no sign of Teddy and so now I am wondering if it might be possible to find a replacement as dd is distraught. Teddy was a light purplish grey, about 20cm tall, black eyes and black nose. She was a prize won at one of the Steam Fairs that descend on London parks on weekends. Any leads on a replacement bear would be much appreciated. Thank you.

MissAnneThrope Mon 23-Apr-12 23:21:47

I think the fair you mean is Carter's Steam Fair. Your best bet is to find out when the next one is in London and go along - probably half-term? It's quite likely they still have stock of that particular teddy? If not, she could win something else to take his place (ie let her have a couple of goes and then 'help'..)

morebluesky Mon 23-Apr-12 23:15:09

Thanks for the suggestion. I posted a photo on my profile and have made it public -- hopefully that works.

BonkeyMollocks Mon 23-Apr-12 22:38:10

Can you put it on your profile and make it public?

morebluesky Mon 23-Apr-12 22:36:50

Yes but not sure how to upload it on Mumsnet

morebluesky Mon 23-Apr-12 22:36:31

Yes but not sure how to upload it on Mumsnet

BonkeyMollocks Mon 23-Apr-12 22:00:12

Do you have a picture?

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