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*M&S white bunny rabbit comforter (2011) needed!*

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Championfan Wed 15-Feb-12 20:48:38

Hello, this is my first post! Has anyone got a spare white bunny rabbit from M&S bought early in 2011? It has a jingle jangle sound when it shakes as there is something in the tummy.
My daughter has just turned 1 and has become obsessed with hers over the past month, dragging it around with her as she crawls and sleeping with it. I only have 1 and dread to think what would happen if we lost it. I could do with a spare for washing as it is already looking bedraggled.
I have 4 of my son's comforter and he is now 4 and still just as attached so I know how much this bunny will be loved too!
Thanks for looking. Any help appreciated x

clairevic Tue 12-Jun-12 13:32:49

Do you have the product code on the fabric label? Best regards

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