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Lost. Jellycat Slackajack bunny. Large?

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Oblomov Wed 16-Nov-11 10:35:53

Lost. In sainsbury's, Chertsey, Surrey. A week or so ago. Had him whilst we looked at jelly. walked all round the small store. Got to the tills. Realised he was lost. Went to Customer services. They noted it down. Went back and asked, the next day and the day after that. And since. nothing.
I seem more upset about it than ds2 does.
My mum gave him to ds1. But ds1 had a favourite 'Mr Dog'. So I gave him to ds2, as soon as he was born. And he has loved him, for the last 3 years.

The trouble is, that I am just not sure what size he is. I have got the measuring tape out. And measured against the Jellycat Mouse that we have. He is 33cm, and they do the bunny in 33cm or 53 cm. So i guess that based on mouse, he must have been the 53cm one, i.e. the large. of which there are none on e-bay and out of stock on amazon. Typical.

MotherPanda Wed 16-Nov-11 10:37:32

Amazon says in stock now, but hope you find the origional

MotherPanda Wed 16-Nov-11 10:38:03

Ah - i see the 33cm is in stock -

Oblomov Wed 16-Nov-11 15:41:31

Thank you Panda. I have ordered a 33cm. Will see if its the right size when it arrives. spoke to main Jellycat in London. He was very nice. It is being discontinued, so thtas why they are so hard to come by. good job I got one now.

MotherPanda Wed 16-Nov-11 16:00:21

Can you say that bunny had to go on a diet, and thats why he's smaller now?

Or that he had to shrink to for some exciting adventure?

Or are you thinking of going with the this is bunnys little sister sort of thing?

Oblomov Sun 20-Nov-11 21:06:05

bunny arrived. tis so small its ridiculous. even the diet idea won't work here. the large, 53cm in not available. they have stopped making it. don't know what to do now.
why would someone not hand it in? I read the blackpool missing dog thread the other day. I still can't get over why someone wouldn't hand such a toy in. They must realise that some child someone is upset. Or in this case mummy, more than ds!!

AFingerofFudge Sun 20-Nov-11 21:12:52

Hi Obs - long time since I've seen you since the days of the Nov 2008 thread!
sorry about bunny, wish I had one I could send you, keep looking out for one on ebay, I found one of DS3's toys on there!

Sarah852 Sat 22-Sep-12 08:55:05

Thought we'd lost ours last night, tracked him down at the childminders & had to get him back before bed time. Desperately need a back up, also large size. If anybody finds one, please let me know where. Thanks

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