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BATH, SOMERSET. Beige Jellycat Bunny.

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Bubbabug Wed 19-Oct-11 23:27:57

We have just returned home to London from a wonderful trip to Bath, however at some point during our stay my son has lost his beige 'Jellycat' bunny. Probably dropped from the pram or a highchair in a cafe.

It looks just like this one:

It was a gift from when he was born and is very special to us. I am hoping that someone somewhere may have come across our bunny in the city centre. I know its extremely unlikely we will be reunited with him but I'm putting this out to the lovely Mums of Bath just in case.

Please reply here or send a message to my inbox. Thank you.

kellestar Sun 23-Oct-11 20:52:43

Can you name any shops/cafe's you were in, I head into town once a week and don't mind asking about.

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