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Lost Woody in Lewes Monkey Biz

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Zoidberg Mon 20-Jun-11 13:59:34

Lost this morning, Monday 20th, a Woody figure about 10cms high, he's on a brown base that's the lid of a pot of bubble mix, has a sticker on it.

Am in shock as I don't usually let him go anywhere but as DD insisted and it was somewhere new, I did. Got inside, I said I'll take him now and put him in my jeans pocket. Home time, discover he's gone. Feel really awful. DD is fine so far, when she's asked "where's Woody gone?" I've said "he's playing in Monkey Biz" and she's accepting that.

But would love him back as he is number one toy and was from Toy Story 2 bubbles I had for 10 years, sob. Feel so stupid.

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