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Lost toy monkey

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missisw Fri 22-Oct-10 20:24:04

A l-o-n-g time ago, my 18 month old daughter lost her favourite toy (we had to go and choose something else, and then bought three the same!). I would looove to find another (for fun, now, if nothing else - she's 11 1/2 now). It was given to us, it was from Ikea, and I don't know it's official name (we called him "Bonzo"). He was around 5" tall (he was in a sitting down shape), dark brown with a pale face and floppy arms (not over-long), just right for a toddler to hold. If you have one in your store of soft toys you always mean to sort through and get rid of from around 11-12 years ago, I would love to hear from you grin. It would be like finding a long-lost school friend from another county in the middle of my daughter's cross-country race!

JSLH Tue 11-Jan-11 22:59:56

Help... lost Jellycat Brown Dog at Stanstead Airport on Boxing Day morning. He was left near Gate 37. No one at airport can help or is really interested!.. He has travelled the world and I am sure he is missing us as much as his owner Libby age 5 is missing him. He is well loved and well worn and is 5 years old.. All postage paid for safe return.. any ideas?...

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