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Innotab / Innotab 2 / Leapad 2

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shelley72 Sun 05-Aug-12 14:50:42


We looked at these for a possible present for DS birthday who is soon to be 5. Was just wondering if anyone knew the difference between the Leapad, Innotab and Innotab 2, apart from 2 being the newer version and more expensive! The innotab 2 seems to have a built in camera (he already has a camera) so I wonder if this would be of no extra benefit to him? But at what age do DCs notice/worry that they dont have the most up to date version of things? I am a SAHM so we are quite careful with money and we will never be able to afford for the DCs to have the latest of everything (and we dont ourselves), but I know from friends that children having lots of expensive, latest stuff is important and i dont want DS to be bullied when he starts school.

Thank you.

Flyingwithoutwings Sun 05-Aug-12 23:47:30

Watching with interest as I'm thinking of buying one for DS. Sorry I'm not helping blush

submarine Mon 06-Aug-12 21:07:46

I have researched this a lot! The conclusion we came to was that the leappad is best for educational stuff, it as a camera and a video camera and the innotab is better for playing music, movies etc.

we went for the original leapad ( on sale at the moment for £50 in argos and £54 in tesco) I think they both must be good as i havnt heard a bad word about either!

It is for my almost 4 year old.

my almost 9 year old isnt yet at the stage of being aware of materialism ( thank goodness) and hasnt shown any signs of peer pressure re material things.

submarine Mon 06-Aug-12 21:18:28

just had aplay on the leappad and the camera ir surprisingly good.

very impressed !

ILiveInAPineapple Fri 10-Aug-12 10:08:41

My DS (4 yrs old) got an innotab last Christmas and he loves it. There are not many cartridge games available, but you can download apps fairly cheaply which are good.
The reason we got him that one is because you can put movies etc on an SD card to watch, which you cannot do on the leap pad.
I don't think that he would have been upset had we got him a leap pad though!

shelley72 Fri 10-Aug-12 20:43:18

Thank you for all the advice. had a look at them in store yesterday and decided to go with the leapad in the end. Mostly because it was smaller, and seemed a bit more educational. However, I do wish it was more like the innotab in that you could watch movies on it - would be useful for long car journeys. Then I saw a kurio (?) and that confused me even more!

Hope he likes it. Wonder how long it will be before little sister wants one too shock.

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