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Should I get a Like a Bike type bike for my dd?

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squeaver Wed 11-Nov-09 21:21:55

Dd is nearly 5 and tall.

She has one of those stupid pink bikes with the streamers and all that shite - with stabilisers. She hardly ever rides it, mainly because we have a very small garden and it's so bulky it's frankly a pain to take to the park.

I've seen so many kids get the hang of the like-a-bikes really quickly and then straight away move on to proper bikes. Really wish I'd got her one a couple of years ago.

So I thought I could get her one (maybe second hand or Ebay), she could get the hang of it, then we can whip the stabilisers off the one that's in the cellar.

But is she just going to be too tall and/or too old? I borrowed one of the wooden ones and her legs are way too long for it. Are there any others that are bigger?

Smithagain Wed 11-Nov-09 21:31:32

Hmm. I'm a big fan of like-a-bikes - both DDs had them at 3 and learned to pedal two wheels without stabilisers at 4. But you could be right that she'll be physically too big at 5.

The cheap option is to take the stabilisers AND the pedals and cranks (the bits the pedals are attached to) off her existing bike and let her practise balancing on it without worrying about the pedals. Would she go along with that? It's the same principle, but without the expense!

squeaver Wed 11-Nov-09 21:34:11

Yes I thought about that, but it may be an engineering job too far for me or dh....

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