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can anyone recommend a 3-wheeler scooter for a not very confident 3.5 yr old?

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CatIsSleepy Wed 04-Nov-09 17:12:49

not too babyish looking though...

dd1 is not very happy on wheels though I do think if we bought the right scooter she would enjoy it (well I hope so anyway)

we tried a peppa pig 3 wheeler which was a bit of a disaster-the wheels were so chunky it was really hard for her to scoot

I don't want to waste yet more money grin

any recommendations gratefully received

CarGirl Wed 04-Nov-09 17:14:10

mini micro scooter they are absolutely fab, as light as a feather and once they work out the steering they are very very quick!

CatIsSleepy Wed 04-Nov-09 17:16:21

yes yes yes but where from grin

CarGirl Wed 04-Nov-09 17:18:08

either their website of look for some codes for GLTC or whichever companies sell them, John Lewis etc

Think GLTC sometimes do 20% off vouchers making htem quite a bit cheaper.

lisad123wantsherquoteinDM Wed 04-Nov-09 17:20:00


CatIsSleepy Wed 04-Nov-09 17:20:02

oh lovely thank you

alarkaspree Wed 04-Nov-09 17:21:19

Yes, that's the one you want. Nothing else comes close.

Dd is still using hers at age 5.5.

CatIsSleepy Wed 04-Nov-09 17:21:38

ah was wondering about that one lisa
it got some rotten reviews on amazon though which put me off a bit
do your dds have one?

CatIsSleepy Wed 04-Nov-09 17:45:56

am torn between thinking cheap is better in case she hates it, or that a more expensive one might be better if it's easier for her to ride

forkhandles Wed 04-Nov-09 17:48:52

both DS and DD (4yrs) have the one lisa linked to and they are very good. Although DD still doesn't scoot much on hers, she says her legs get tired but DS is a bit bigger and stronger and there is no stopping him.

fruitful Wed 04-Nov-09 17:51:10

We got ds1 one of those - he is nearly 5 now, and still hasn't worked out the steering. He scoots it straight and leaps off whenever he needs to change direction - it's all very slow and painful (for me, figuratively speaking, not him).

I'm kind of hoping ds2 (22mo) gets on with it! I've seen so many little kids scooting around on these things, having so much fun. Not ds1 though sad.

CarGirl Wed 04-Nov-09 17:51:25

I've got a pink mini micro scooter to sell if you're interested, a friend has already dibbed the blue one!

brightredballoon Wed 04-Nov-09 17:52:03

My DD is 3.8 and loves her mini mircro scooter. I bought it second hand off ebay.

CarGirl Wed 04-Nov-09 17:58:52

fruitful dd3 took ages to get the hang of the mini micro (dd4 much much much quicker) sadly dd3 has also taken ages to ride a 2 wheeler bike......very painful indeed!

In fact dd4 scoots faster than dd3 cycles

Cluckyagain Wed 04-Nov-09 18:01:15

I found that none of my 3 were any good on a 3 wheeler - they constantly scraped their ankles on it. A 2 wheeler though they are fab on and no3 has been on hers since just 3 - scarily fast very quickly although she's trustworthy and has only fallen off once (last week - 18 months later!)

RainRainGoAway Wed 04-Nov-09 18:05:59

My quite klutzy dd loved her micro scooter. A vote here for that one.

She hated the Barbie klunker we got her first.

AitchTwoToTangOh Wed 04-Nov-09 18:09:35

dd has just cracked the steering on her micro scooter at nearly four, prior to that she had a great time on it but used it like a normal one. i really think they're fantastic, they cost a lot but when you see how clever they are you'll think it's worth it. i got a 20% off thing plus an extra ten per cent as i was spending over 75 quid with gltc, so that took the cost down.

allaboutme Wed 04-Nov-09 18:09:46

has to be mini micro!

CatIsSleepy Wed 04-Nov-09 18:29:12

i have a feeling whatever we get it will take dd1 a long time to get to grips with!
I think it might be good for her confidence though, ultimately

or are some children just better off without wheels??

she scarcely rides her (quite expensive) balance bike
and I just don't have the patience to chivvy her along-quite regret buying it now (well dh buying it anyway)

CatIsSleepy Wed 04-Nov-09 18:33:27

and what's different about the steering on a mini micro [ignorant emoticon] ?

AitchTwoToTangOh Wed 04-Nov-09 18:36:26

it's done at the front, you lean on the steering wheel and the wheels actually bend and move. ooooh, i'd have one for grown ups.
dd doesn't really use her balance bike either, she much prefers the scooter. weird, because she's the type to shin up drainpipes but she just wasn't that quick with her scooting/biking toys.

CarGirl Wed 04-Nov-09 18:38:15

with the mini micro you pull the handle one side or t'other to turn it or I suppose use your weight to make it tilt.

It's very stable and very light and because the 2 wheels are at the front they don't clunk their ankles and they can move it around easily.

Best of all you can easily carry it one handed, it really is that light and it doesn't swing around like a normal one.

CatIsSleepy Wed 04-Nov-09 18:59:50

oh i see, thanks
they do sound pretty good...

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