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Playmobil mega farm for 2.4 year old DS

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mistletoekisses Wed 04-Nov-09 09:55:46

DS loves his farmyard animals more than any other toy. So we have decided to get him a farmyard set for christmas.

I was looking at one of the wooden ones and I know he would like those. But I am loathe to spend £50 on one of those when the Playmobil one looks fantastic! And it looks as though it will keep him entertained for far longer.

But is it really too old for him? He doesnt put things in his mouth, so am not worried about that.Advice please!

Horton Wed 04-Nov-09 10:24:39

Playmobil is good fun even for quite little children as long as they aren't going to put it in their mouths as you say but it is often quite fiddly to put things in the people's hands, get people to sit on chairs or horses etc for under threes. My daughter's three and has had Playmobil for about a year and still finds some bits quite a lot too small and fiddly for her. This doesn't really matter if you're happy to help with it all the time but if you think your son may want to play with it on his own or get frustrated when he can't do what he wants to do then go for a wooden one. The small parts also get lost very easily.

mistletoekisses Wed 04-Nov-09 11:31:49

Thanks Horton. DS2 is due in 10 weeks so I will be home with DS1 and be happy to help him. Plan is to give him a toy that can entertain him while I feed the baby.

He already has some lego sets that he needs help with, but simply loves playing with them.

MrsBadger Wed 04-Nov-09 11:48:51

dd (2.3) loves her (secondhand) playmobil - she has lots of people (which handily fit in her dolls' house), a lawnmower and a helicopter, but is still too young for the little bits.

I would buy a Playmobil farm but cull the smaller pieces from the set and just give him the chunky animals / buildings / people.

Actualyl looking at the size of the mega farm I wouldn;t buy something taht big - it'll overwhelm him.

Either split the set up (give eg barn and animals now and save farmhosue and tractor for his birthday?) or buy a smaller one.

mistletoekisses Wed 04-Nov-09 12:11:51

Hi Mrs B - the idea is to give it him in bits and pieces once the baby is here, so he has a trickle of new toys to keep him amused.
I had already decided to hold back presents at christmas and filter them into him over the following 2/3 months.

But thanks for the advice, am defo going to go for that farm!

MrsBadger Wed 04-Nov-09 12:25:28

aha yes that sounds sensible

I was thinking of the inevitable Christmas morning carnage if I put all that out at once for dd...

bear in mind that it will need some pre-assembly so don;t leave it till you are desperately rummaging in the box in need of a distraction - get DH on the case well in advance wink

mistletoekisses Wed 04-Nov-09 12:48:55

Ha ha! No, we live and learn after the carnage of the second birthday! DS was way too overwhelmed. And he doesnt get why presents are being given/ who is giving them/ how many he should get. Two or so on christmas day and the rest spaced out to reward / encourage nice behaviour once the baby is here!

And DH wont be allowed near it! I love stuff like that!

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