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What are you getting your 9 yr old for xmas?

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eltham Tue 03-Nov-09 14:42:30

Got a non-girly 9 yr old dd and desperate for some ideas. One mother in playground is getting hers an ipod; another a laptop!! Any other ideas which may cost a little less?!

PandaG Tue 03-Nov-09 14:43:28

camera for my nearly 10 y o

ElizabethWakefield Tue 03-Nov-09 14:45:08

My 9 yr old DD is desperate for the rock band for the wii, with the drums and guitar etc.

MitchyInge Tue 03-Nov-09 14:46:59

not much, but she has just got a new pony so probably a sparkly numnah or lead rope or something blush

LilyloovesGuyFawkes Tue 03-Nov-09 14:49:29

How about an ipod shuffle they are less than £20 reconditioned from ipod store or i got brand new one for £25 off ebay.

eltham Tue 03-Nov-09 14:50:54

she's got a camera. I had thouight about a Wii for a family present but don't they cost loads?

ElizabethWakefield Tue 03-Nov-09 16:24:50

I think they are about £150 now, although I have heard there are some quite good deals around just now.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Tue 03-Nov-09 16:44:33

Some Go go hamster stuff
A lego house
A model dinosaur excavation kit

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