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Kids kitchens, which one does your DD/DS have????? Need advice on them

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Momma23 Wed 28-Oct-09 22:08:05

DD is asking for one for xmas. I have seen so many i feel lost... Would you go for a cheep one to start with. She is 3 turning 4 soon. My problem is there are 3 small chrildren 3,2,1 i want a sturdy one that wont fall apart within a week.

Any advice?

ja9 Wed 28-Oct-09 22:15:07

with 3 children i'd def go for a sturdier wooden one.

i got a wooden one off an ebay company last yr. about £100 iirc. 3 seperate 'units' a sink, cooker and washing machine complete with turning drum.

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