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Sylvanian families

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Marne Mon 26-Oct-09 17:49:46

Please can some one advice me on which items are best to buy, i have got each of the dd's a small house each for christmas (which i got in a sale) but i now have to furnish them, dd2 is only 3.5 so i need the items with less tiny bits if possible. Also which animals are popular with your lo's?

I didn't realize how much this would all cost when i bought the houses, i am looking for bits on e-bay but they seem to sell for almost the same prices as they are new in the shop shock.

Dd1 is getting riverside lodge which i think has 4 rooms and dd2 is getting the tiny 2 room house (apple wood i think its called).

Marne Mon 26-Oct-09 17:50:28

Not applewood its Bramble cottage grin.

cece Mon 26-Oct-09 17:53:11

I would get a lving room set each and maybe a kitchen or bathroom. The all have very small fiddly bits and it is all expensive. On th eplus side my friend's DD is 12 and still plays with hers.

I can also recommend the canal boat and the green car.

DD seems to like any family that is complete.

She also has a character that has her name. It is the camping one. smile

Marne Mon 26-Oct-09 17:58:03

Thank you, i like the look of the car (i think dd2 would like the car). If i get them a furniture set and a family set each hopefully that will be enough to get them started, if they play with it a lot i can get them some more for their birthdays.

I did manage to find a sylvanian families toilet to go in dd1's stocking.

RustyBat Mon 26-Oct-09 17:58:27

DD liked the squirrels best - the Furbanks family; they lived in the windmill. The canal boat was a favourite too. I got a lot of DD's stuff at car boot sales, but there don't seem to be many round here any more - I suppose ebay has killed them. Most of her stuff is still in the loft I think, maybe I should think about ebaying it...

cece Mon 26-Oct-09 17:59:39

TBH as it is so expensive they tend to only get one or two bits at a time and it is great for when people ask what does DD want for her birthday/xmas? It is surprising how quickly it builds up to quite a collection.

DD also has the nursery, which she plays with a lot. All the babies from the family sets go there.

Marne Mon 26-Oct-09 18:07:57

I have been looking at boot sales but it seems most people know how much its worth on e-bay sad.

I will try and get grandparents to get them some. Dd1 already collects playmobil (which also costs the earth).

I just wanted a few bits to go with the houses so they had something to play with x-mas day (not just an empty house).

Maybe they could share furniture as 10-15 pound a set is a lot of money.

liahgen Mon 26-Oct-09 18:09:25

have a look on Boots as some of their Sylvanians are on the 3 for 2 offers. I got 3 sets of animals for £20

RustyBat Mon 26-Oct-09 18:13:11

Most of DD's new big stuff (Canal boat, windmill, bakery & one big house) came from grandparents at various Christmases & birthdays. Most of them lived in the basic houses bought for around 50p each from boot sales, & we also usedc to get 'job lots' of furniture at £1 a bag.Though we did have one birthday trip to the shop in North London, which turned out slightly more expensive than planned...

inchhighprivateeye Mon 26-Oct-09 18:26:53 have some quite good SF reductions here at the moment. The living room set is only a fiver

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