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Scooters - any advice from anyone with a 4+ year old please

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snickersnack Sat 17-Oct-09 17:04:10

dd has had a micro scooter (the ones with the two front wheels) since she was just over 2 - she's very speedy and uses it loads. ds (2.3) is now showing an interest - he's fairly stable, if slow.

So, do we buy another three wheeler for ds to use, so dd can keep hers, or do we buy her a new two wheeler that will last a while so ds can use her old one (which is in perfectly fine condition)? I have no idea what age the mini micro scooters go up until realistically, nor what age they can usually make the transition to a 2 wheeler.

hillbilly Wed 28-Oct-09 11:25:14

I have just had the same situation! So we have bought dd (4.4) the Micro Lite 2 wheeled scooter which she mastered immediately. Now DS 2 has taken over her old 3 wheeler even though it's pink!!!

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