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Where can I find a NON-PINK doll's pushchair?

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RubiMama Wed 07-Oct-09 14:14:41

My DS is really into pushing these around when we are at other people's houses and I really want to get him one, but they all seem to be pink. TBH even if DS was a DD I think I would be looking for one in red or blue, anything but pale pink, I just know I couldn' live with it. The only one I've seen so far is a pale Blue Baby Bjrn one from Argos that's 20 quid which seems a bit of a rip off. Are there any other cheapies out there in red or navy?

notnowbernard Wed 07-Oct-09 14:16:45

ELC does a cheapo blue one, IIRC

ThursdayNext Wed 07-Oct-09 14:17:32

Blue one in Early Learning Centre, think it's about £6

onadietcokebreak Wed 07-Oct-09 14:17:45

I believe Asda MAY do a blue one.

spongebrainmaternitypants Wed 07-Oct-09 14:18:04

I bought my DS one from Toys R Us - I think it was about £6.99, and I also got a blue doll for a tenner at the same time.

BertieBotts Wed 07-Oct-09 14:18:07

Yes ELC do a blue one, it's £7 though (just got new catalogue)

colditz Wed 07-Oct-09 14:19:07


RubiMama Thu 08-Oct-09 09:23:18

Thankyou everyone, I did an elc google search and nothing came up at first, that's why I posted. Did it again, and found it. Cheers again.

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