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Confused by all the different toy dolls, which one for a 3 year old?

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caramelbunny Fri 02-Oct-09 20:19:42

It's my daughter's 3rd birthday next month and I want to get her a toy doll which comes with all the kit so she can get the car seat, sling etc over the next few years. I've been looking at baby annabell but now confused over the different versions and what they do. Is it worth spending £45 on a doll that might be too heavy or scary for her?

dreamygirl Sat 03-Oct-09 22:15:23

We bought DD2 the baby Millie doll (now called Maddy) from Early Learning Centre for her 3rd birthday last year and I would recommend that. She likes her a lot (especially that she makes noises) and has never found it scary. You can get all the bits and pieces for them - the highchair comes free with the doll in fact, and there are clothes to get.
However if you think your DD would prefer a smaller lighter one, mine does have two of the My First Baby Dolls and often plays with them too - they don't "do" anything and they only have the outfit they come in but they're easier to carry around.

sweetkitty Sat 03-Oct-09 22:24:48

My DDs have nopt all bought my me I hasten to add) my first baby Annabell, baby Millie from ELC, Baby Borns, Baby Annabells, Baby Chou-Chous, Sally toddler dolls and about 36 other dolls (I gave 8 away to a toddler group and they have never noticed), I think having girls everytime a member of my fmaily comes to visit we get more dolls.

Anyway DD2 never plays with dolls prefers monkey and sharks

DD1's favourite doll is a little Fisher Price soft bodied one that does nothing.

Why not try a My First Baby Annabell, it's a good size but doesn't do anything as such, then buy one of those Graco sets with the buggy, car seat etc in them here see how she gets on with it then maybe buy her a bigger one next year

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