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Playmobil v Lego?

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Mayron Mon 21-Sep-09 17:54:04

My nearly 5 year old DS has loads of Playmobil and wants more for his Birthday/Christmas. He's also asking for Lego!

Do we stick to one or collect both?

Your views please!

fruitshootsandheaves Mon 21-Sep-09 17:57:59

my DC's have both. They have some great playmobile sets including a large dolls house and pirate ship but all four of them have always played more with the lego and they still play with the lego nearly every day (except dd as she is 16 now!) so I'd say lego.

pippel Mon 21-Sep-09 17:59:55

dd loves playmobil wont touch lego though

They are completely different things aren't they? so I would get both

I would get a little bit of lego and see if he enjoys it before you get loads

Mayron Mon 21-Sep-09 18:14:44

Thanks both. Will prob get him the blue variety tub of lego as a starter and take it from there. The thought of having loads of lego and trying to keep it separate from playmobile scares me! It's bad enough keeping playmobile tidy. Or maybe that's the OCD in me?!? DD is nearly 2 and will sit for ages amongst playmobil so thinking i'll end up going down the girly playmobil route at some point - already got my eyes on the dolls house.

pippel Mon 21-Sep-09 18:28:32

dd loves the fairy stuff

Takver Mon 21-Sep-09 19:00:13

My dd (7.5) definitely plays with both, and more often than not with the two mixed together (building spaceships / pizza kitchens / stables / fairy house or whatever the latest obsession is for her playmobil to use).

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