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Doll with dressing up clothes for 2yr old?

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njlmum Wed 16-Sep-09 09:13:19

My DD is 27 months now and is obsessed with taking clothes on and off her rag dolls/teddies. She does get really disappointed though when she finds that most of them have shoes sewn on and she can't take them off. So... here's the question. Does anyone know of a good doll for that age (i.e not bratz or something with teeny bits and pieces) that has clothes & shoes that can be put on and off and hair that can be brushed. She's not shown any interest in 'baby' dolls, more the rag doll types with long hair in pigtails! Any ideas greatly appreciated!

dreamygirl Sat 03-Oct-09 22:48:59

Have you seen these? My friend's DD has one, they are easy to dress as the clothes and shoes push on and pull off, and they have proper brushable hair, the only thing that's a bit strange is that the clothes are only on the front so at the back you can see the underwear still. Children don't seem to mind that though! The clothes are plastic too, not cloth, maybe your DD wouldn't like that?

Also have you seen the recommendations on this thread?

nappyaddict Thu 12-Nov-09 23:55:50

playskool dressy daisy doll If you have a Bargain Madness nearby they had them cheap in there.

Does anyone know of a boy version of a doll like this?

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