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ELC Big City garage parts needed CAN YOU HELP?

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toby17 Mon 07-Sep-09 18:02:43

Hi! Does anyone have an old (maybe broken) ELC Big City Garage they could break up for spare parts? I'd be happy to pay for the bits I need...
Some horrid old wench angry sold me an ELC Big City Garage at a car boot sale, boxed up, assuring me all the parts were there. However, my very excited son was let down when we discovered it is missing 4 of the supporting pillars (2 from top floor, two from bottom floor) and the ramp which goes from the top floor to the middle floor. I'm going to have to throw it away unless I can find these bits from somewhere. Any ideas anyone?

MrFlibble Mon 07-Sep-09 18:10:25

You could phone your nearest ELC store and explain you bought the item and those pieces were missing. They wouldnt expect you to lug it into town (we never do)so would just ask you to come in a collect the "missing items" Say it was a gift if they ask for a receipt, policy has changed so they might say no but it doesnt hurt to try.

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