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Help - son would like a Scalextric for his birthday, help??? URGENT!!!

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shatteredmumsrus Tue 01-Sep-09 20:19:28

My son is 5 going on 15 and would love a race track with some 'wicked cars'. He loves subarus, lamborghinis, audis, mitsubishis etc. I havent got loads of space (or money). There are some in the Entertainer but I am baffled by science... Help I have left it toooo late

shatteredmumsrus Tue 01-Sep-09 20:22:25

Also, I want one that I can get the extra cars easily and relatively cheap

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 01-Sep-09 20:24:11

crap - take ages to construct the blasted track then the cars cannot be controlled by a 5 yr old and fly off every bend and the child cries and one feels rubbish and and and

shatteredmumsrus Tue 01-Sep-09 20:46:52

thankyou that is just the constructive advice I need - seriously I dont wanna waste my money. Though he has brilliant control when he is using the wii, playstation etc for a 5yo. Any more for any more....

SingleMum01 Fri 04-Sep-09 20:12:13

My DS had my first Scalextrix when he was about 4 - loved it, able to use it and still using it now. Sorry!

ingles2 Fri 04-Sep-09 20:13:53

Hang on ds's and dh playing now.... will ask

Milliways Fri 04-Sep-09 20:17:38

DS managed at that age BUT we had a load of DH's old stuff.

We did buy some new track, but at that age you will be setting it up for him.

Cars are VERY expensive to buy separately.

Best gadget we bought was a thingy that "recorded" a lap you did, then kept a car going around doing the same speeds so you can race yourself. Brilliant when you don't want to race them yourself

How about Hot Wheels?

JeMenFous Fri 04-Sep-09 20:20:08

We got electric cars from Tesco, they don't seem to be that much different from/to scaletrix and my 5 year old loves it grin They were much cheaper £20 versus about £80 odd, bargain grin

ingles2 Fri 04-Sep-09 20:23:00

dh says...
none of the cars are cheap, all £25-£30
They are quite difficult to control without shooting off (They do seem to spend a lot of time putting them back on the track)
He does recommend getting the standard size track so you can upgrade as he gets older.
Dh says there's a cheap one called speed stars with a lamborghini and a circle track £60.. (60 quid!)

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