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mending trampoline safety net

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friendly Tue 18-Aug-09 21:31:39

We have had an oval jumpking trampoline for 4 months and I was horrified to see yesterday that the net had a rip in it. Kids admitted they saw a small hole which has now become quite a big rip but ds1 thought I knew hmm ds2 knew but decided not to tell me hmm and dd didn't notice apparently hmm.

It obviously started as a smallish hole and with them playing on it got bigger and bigger. We have rung the company we bought it from who have requested a photo to send to Jumpking but I'm sure they'll come up with some loophole and not honour the warranty. I want to mend it until we sort out a new one. Has anyone else mended a net. If so what did you use? I miss the trampoline! Thank you

Also does anyone have any ideas how it could have happene? I'm baffled unless there was a flaw. No watches, jewellery, sharp items just maximum 3 (know it should be one) and that's it.

shoshe Tue 18-Aug-09 21:53:54

We have just had the same thing happen, again nothing sharpe allowed on.

Ours is a Telstar Trampoline, bought from Alfrescosun Ltd, I emailed them and they are sending me another net.

I have mended it by 'sewing' it back together with nylon twine.

friendly Tue 18-Aug-09 22:42:53

Thanks Shoshe that gives me hope. I hope Jumpking will honour the warranty. I just wish they'd done it without asking for a photo! We emailed that today so fingers crossed. Can you get nylon twine at any haberdashers? Thank you again

shoshe Wed 19-Aug-09 06:52:58

Friendly, I looked through to see if I could find a review on my trampoline, to find it was made by Jumpking as well!

maybe photo evidence is always required.

friendly Wed 19-Aug-09 22:14:38

That's really interesting Shoshe. How long had you had your trampoline? Did you have to send a photo too? Haven't heard back yet but going to pursue it. It does make me a bit worried in case it happens again. Where our trampoline is sited means we really need the safety enclosure! How big was the hole on your trampoline. Did you notice it before it got too big because I'm afraid I didn't. sorry for all the questions! Sarah

shoshe Thu 20-Aug-09 17:42:57

Hiya Friendly, we bought the tramopline in February.

The whole was big enough for child to climb out of!

It has 'split' along the line the net IYKWIM.

It was like a run in a pair of tights, but horizontal.

After fixing it, it then went again further along, TWICE.

All the holes are along the same horizontal line.

Like you am worried that a new one will do the same.

We had to send a photo too. The company I bought from say they will replace it, but are out of stock for a month, so we will wait and see, although I will chase them.

friendly Fri 21-Aug-09 22:23:33

Hi Shoshe

Heard that they are going to send a new net. Hooray! Said 4-5 days. It's an oval one.

Ours looked like it started off as a hole and then split too. Really hope it won't happen again. Fingers crossed for both of us. Sarah

CathyGray Wed 16-Sep-09 14:50:14

I also have had a jumpking sfaty net split on us 3 times. the last time last week the hole it made was big enough for a10 year old to fall out. i have had to stop the children using it now. Have written to jumpKing.

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