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Elaborate outdoor tree house/slide/swing thing

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bunnybunyip Wed 12-Aug-09 17:38:33

We are thinking of investing in one of those wooden frames with little house/swing/slide/climbing frame etc for our garden. Has anyone got one,is it worth it? Will we have all the neighbourhood kids injuring themselves in our garden?

PestoMonster Wed 12-Aug-09 17:43:55

Do you mean like

PestoMonster Wed 12-Aug-09 17:45:14


PestoMonster Wed 12-Aug-09 17:50:36

We've got one of

these Houtland swing sets

It's brilliant.

We've got a firemans pole, wavy slide, 2 trapezes and a monkey swing currently.

But as the stuff is interchangeable we have also previously had a rope ladder and a swing. The dds can make teepee like camps under the slide aswell. I would heartily recommend it for its versatility.

We do have a lot of friends round too, which personally I think is a good thing smile

bunnybunyip Wed 12-Aug-09 19:42:44

I love the houtland swing set. I haven't really decided yet what type we want. Do you think having an indoor area (e.g. little house/shed) is useful?

pugsandseals Fri 28-Aug-09 19:35:27

We got one from dunster house
Great prices we have been very impressed!
All very easily interchangable etc.
Only soft wood but whose going to want it to last for more than 10 years anyway?
Ours has a house bit that will go on top too (one day when we are convinced DD can be trusted!)

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