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Rescue Pets: Swim to Me Puppy.....Opinions Please....?

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nelliesmum Sat 15-Nov-08 21:55:00

My DDs have seen these on the Tv and are desperate for Father Christmas to bring them one. The only review on Amazon says that they are crap. Anybody out there got one and willing to comment.

PuzzleRocks Sun 16-Nov-08 15:22:21

Bumping for you.

IllegallyBrunette Sun 16-Nov-08 15:30:40

More reviews here

nelliesmum Mon 17-Nov-08 11:32:27

Thanks people, looks like Father Christmas might not bother with this one. There's plenty of other things they want (!!!)

AimeePond Sat 07-May-11 13:28:18

They are a load of rubbish, are noisy, can't swim, break easily and are ugly. So glad you didn't make the same mistake I did for my daughter Kaitlin.

GregoryPeck Mon 18-Jul-11 20:26:02

Ours swam once only sad

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