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Alternatives to Barbie?

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RouxLou81 Wed 18-Nov-20 20:50:52

My 3 year old girl loves role playing and has asked for dolls for Christmas. On a trip to family over the summer she picked out Barbies when brought to a toy shop with relatives and loves these. All the same I'm not overly keen on Barbies especially for a 3 year old and wondered what else I could do.

I have come across the Lundby dolls which I think are a great alternative for her age but wondered if anyone else has come across another option.

Many thanks!

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7Days Wed 18-Nov-20 20:54:59

Lottie Dolls!
They are great kid shaped barbie sized dolls, loads of different characters and looks, and lots of accessories. Comparable price wise too

averylongtimeago Wed 18-Nov-20 21:04:35

Another vote for lottie dolls. My dgd loves hers.

RouxLou81 Wed 18-Nov-20 21:08:07

@7days thank you! Agreed on lottie, she has one already, the pupil. Love all the female empowerment messages she came with smile

She's specifically asked for a mum, dad, baby etc. Lottie is a bit restricted that way.

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Changethetoner Wed 18-Nov-20 21:10:30

Action Man.

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