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Help me find this very simple toy please 🙏

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Baskethandle Sat 07-Nov-20 20:49:19

Hello, I'm looking for a toy for my almost 3 year old DS that I thought would be pretty easy to find. It's not and I don't know why, I presumed this was the type of thing a lot of young boys would want to play with 🤷.

He loves cars and trains, cars more but the toy he plays with the most is his wooden train track, he just plays with his cars on the floor/ over my knees/ boobs/ face but I feel a bit sorry for him that he hasn't got anything to play with them on/ with if that makes sense?

I've bought from charity shops this year a plastic ELC garage with ramp and a hot wheels track, he didn't take to either but because of the success of the train track I thought I know I'll just buy him a wooden road track and a garage to attach to it or some other little buildings/ items like a car wash or something that could be attached similar to the train track.

NOPE! I've searched Google for ages and I can't find anything, why? Is this not a toy that most car fans would love?! Huh? There's an abundance of train things and accessories but not for cars!

I've found a bigjigs wooden road that I can get, I think it's compatible with the train tracks too which is a bonus so we can make one big vechicle track/ city of dreams but no garage or other add ons for it.

Does anyone know of anything that fits the bill or can suggest something else? I'm loosing my mind in a toy car rabbit hole! Also it doesn't have to be wooden, I think the brief is just car track that's not shit that can be connected up with a little garage/s
top offs/ buildings/ bridges etc along the way.

Thanks in advance

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ChessIsASport Sat 07-Nov-20 20:52:27

I’m pretty sure Brio do cars, roads and a wooden garage that fits together with their wooden train set.

ChessIsASport Sat 07-Nov-20 20:53:35

This is the garage. It connects with the wooden roads which connoting the train sets.

MrsTwitcher Sat 07-Nov-20 20:55:02

something like this?

NJool Sat 07-Nov-20 20:55:43

Something like this

BrieAndChilli Sat 07-Nov-20 20:57:03

I’m pretty sure that the wooden garage we had from ELC connected to wooden train track/roads

BrieAndChilli Sat 07-Nov-20 20:58:13

Can’t find the ELC one we had but this one has the connectors to fit with wooden road/tracks
Clas Ohlson ® Wooden Toy 3 Storey Car Garage with cars, Toy Set for Boys Girls, Kids Parking Garage Playset, with Lift and Three Levels to Park For ages 3+

NJool Sat 07-Nov-20 20:59:28

We have one of the play sets that the train tracks come with. But it also came with cars that can you can also use on the same tracks.

If you google ‘road play set’ you should have a lot of results.

Hope that helps

Fatted Sat 07-Nov-20 21:01:23

If you are not fussy about it bring wooden, I can recommend the vetch toot toot tracks for cars. You can buy sets of just track and use them for other cars as well as the noisy and annoying toot toot ones

Baskethandle Sat 07-Nov-20 21:01:35

Oh thanks everyone, I didn't even think to look at brio 🤦, yes the bigjigs figure of 8 track is the only thing I've actually managed to find, it's exactly what I think he will like but wanted to get some exciting add ons for it. I'll have a look at the ElC wooden garage, that would be great if it attached up to the bigjigs track, exactly what I meant!

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Baskethandle Sat 07-Nov-20 21:03:48

I'm just looking at the suggestions- thanks. Does anyone know if the garages that attach to the wooden train tracks also attach to the car tracks, are the connections the same?

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Whatthebloodyell Sat 07-Nov-20 21:05:15

We always just had one of those
Map Rugs, and built garages/houses whatever out of duplo or wooden blocks
Or shoe Boxes. I think all the big wooden garages and roads and attachments are great at playgroup, but at home will they really get played with regularly and for long enough to justify the space and expense?

giftponderings Sat 07-Nov-20 21:05:47

Something like this? It fits the Brio train tracks. It's got different levels and areas, a slide, a crane and an emergency siren. A huge hit here😃

It's from Playtive Junior, which I believe is Lidl? I got it second hand on Facebook Marketplace. Hope this helps.

giftponderings Sat 07-Nov-20 21:11:05

Sorry I've just seen it needs to be a car track, apologies🙊🙈

Baskethandle Sat 07-Nov-20 21:13:45

Thanks, that Lidl one, I can imagine he would like that, from what I can gather if it fits the train track it would also fit the car track? So might actually be a good suggestion, thank you!

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Baskethandle Sat 07-Nov-20 21:14:55

Also yes, the funny thing is I made a "car park" out of a shoebox and he loved it 🤣why bother with all the stress and expense of finding this! 🤦

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giftponderings Sat 07-Nov-20 21:24:29

Yes I would imagine they should fit.

If you go on eBay and type in Playtive Junior train station, a few come up.

Monstermissy36 Sat 07-Nov-20 21:33:53

Do they still sell the little tikes road and rail set? Mine loved that but it was 20 years ago now 😂

Monstermissy36 Sat 07-Nov-20 21:36:14

Actually I've just google it and think it may be a bit young so ignore me....

AlfieandAnnieRose Sat 07-Nov-20 21:36:52

Lidl had their wooden toy sale last week with the train sets. They had quite a nice range, I got my son the big train set for Christmas. So if you were interested in the Lidl range they’ll have them in store or on their website.

Ifionlyknewthenwhatiknownow3 Sat 07-Nov-20 22:27:30

Not sure if they're still around but both my boys and all their friends used to spend hours playing with our Supervan city. It's a van which folds out to form a sort of little road network to push the little cars around. An adorable toy.

Tonkerbea Sat 07-Nov-20 23:04:03

Orchard games does a lovely road puzzle. We have 2 sets as it's a big hit with our 3 yr old.

Baskethandle Sun 08-Nov-20 08:51:48

Thanks everyone. I've just bought the orchard toys road puzzle and am going to look in Lidl today. Micro machines have just bought out a new range of toys, the van city thing looks great but the reviews arn't glowing and at £50 I'm not sure 🤷. Thanks for all the help!

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