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Hotwheels for two year old?

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MotherOfCrocodiles Thu 05-Nov-20 14:19:02

I was thinking of getting my kids (3 1/2 and almost 2) a hotwheels set, maybe with a gravity drop and loop the loop, as I thought it might be something they'd play together (little one take an interest in thinks that roll fast and go clunk).

The age recommendations all say 4+ or 5+ though. Are my kids too young to play with it or just too young to construct the track themselves?

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MotherOfCrocodiles Thu 05-Nov-20 14:20:43

Also I am outraged by the product description "The instruction kit provides some cool options or boys can take a wild ride with their own imaginations" what about girls?! I think my daughter would play with this (I would and I'm female)....?

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lilmishap Thu 05-Nov-20 14:26:17

My youngest son took an interest in his older brothers cars and tracks at about this age. He preferred to drive them on 'town' type tracks and adores a multi level car park. But looping tracks were a lot of fun usually only for a few days at most.
Be warned if he takes a shine to it, you may quickly get a house full of the little bastards, comparable to Lego for bare feet but still absolutely beloved by my youngest at 5.

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