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Pikler Triangle

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Beckycw Sat 31-Oct-20 20:22:43

My twin boys are nearly 3 and we’ve just had another lockdown announced. Does anyone have a Pikler Triangle/indoor play frame they would recommend? Are they worth it? Thanks

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Isadora2007 Sat 31-Oct-20 20:25:38

My grandson has the double Rainbow Triclimb with Miri slide from Babipur. He has had it over a year now and I’d say it gets played with daily and looks beautiful. It’s pricey though!!! But my 10 year and 7 year olds can also Play on it and enjoy it too as it is so sturdy.

2Kidsinatrenchcoat Sat 31-Oct-20 20:29:51

Triclimb or ‘sawdust and rainbows’ wee’un

Beckycw Sat 31-Oct-20 20:45:14

Thanks so much. What’s the difference between the single and double triclimb?

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olderthanyouthink Sat 31-Oct-20 21:00:29

Double or single rainbow is just the colours I think

We have an Ette Tete pikler which can change shape and size but they don't make them as big anymore (EU rules for toys, they were breaking the max height)

Piklers are more suited to younger toddlers normally, you could hire one from whirli to see if they liked it

tyrannosaurustrip Tue 10-Nov-20 14:47:58

I have been wondering about this but also worried about longevity - have a 2 year old who is driving us mad climbing on the tables/dragging things to climb up to kitchen counters and hoping it would divert her but they are SO expensive, would really want to be sure it would be used and for a long enough time.

Is there any way to adapt them to be suitable for older children as well?

SinkGirl Tue 10-Nov-20 14:53:41

We have an indoor climbing frame - Lil Monkey Everest. Yes, it’s plastic, but folds flat, and allows my twins to burn off their energy. Can’t do wooden ones as they chew wood to bits. Saved my sanity through the first lockdown!

Beckycw Tue 10-Nov-20 15:30:09

I was thinking exactly the same about longevity! Has anyone got children 3 and above who use theirs regularly?

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Beckycw Tue 10-Nov-20 15:30:50

How old are your twins?

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tyrannosaurustrip Tue 10-Nov-20 16:11:02

Ok actually I was just googling and this site has a guide by age and suggests the arched one better for two and up? And a bigger one for four and up?

Googling the 'hump' doesn't get you anywhere in terms of reviews, I wonder if there are better key words!

Beckycw Tue 10-Nov-20 16:49:07

That’s really useful information, thank you. My two are pretty good climbers and I’m wondering whether to get the Finn straight away?!

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SinkGirl Tue 10-Nov-20 19:20:47

My twins are 4, autistic and one is an obsessive climber - he does things on this he couldn’t do on a triangle. During lockdown we had it up every day and folded it flat every night and it’s still going strong.

Beckycw Tue 10-Nov-20 20:45:36

Thank you! Is it this one -

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SinkGirl Tue 10-Nov-20 21:05:47

It’s this one - I expect the dome doesn’t fold

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