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AIBU to ask you what YOUR favourite children's toy is (as opposed to your child's)?

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ItHappenedOneDay Sun 24-May-20 11:36:57

Having a bored ten minutes watching the infernal Pig. It's not that I don't have loads to do, just that I don't want to do it...

So thought I might break the tedium and ask for some ideas at the same time grin. As a parent, which of your children's toys do YOU enjoy playing with the most? And which does your child like best?

I'll answer first...At the moment, I like the wooden train set best. We've added lots of exciting parts (tunnels, bridges, rising track, junctions) second-hand from Ebay and Gumtree and trying to make every side of the 8-way turntable connect to something keeps my brain active in the mornings. It is also not horrific to look at, though it does sort of take over the living room.

My son's favourite toy at the moment is a pot of green slime left over from his Christmas gifts. I stupidly opened it the other day and he hasn't yet exhausted its possibilities. His favourite activity is to jump on us and 'slime' us by forcing it down our necks. To him, this trick never grows old. We disagree. And the slime grows ever furrier...

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Smartanimal Sun 24-May-20 11:54:56

I quite like Rush Hour. It’s a logic game with small plastic cars. I also like Camelot, you play it with wooden castle pieces and two little wooden figurines.
I don’t like children’s toys per se, more like games involving logic and skills like playing Boggle or Scrabble, or UNO and other card games.

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