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Individual Lego mini figures (especially Stormtroopers)

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Thesunrising Sun 12-Apr-20 23:59:23

Can anyone help me find where to buy individual (or groups) of Lego mini figures to buy - without having to buy whole kits. My ds would like some Stormtroopers, but I can only seem to find them for sale on the Lego site as part of very large kits - are they ever sold individually or is the only option to buy second hand on EBay? Thanks!

Ciwirocks Mon 13-Apr-20 00:08:24

The Lego Star Wars magazines sometimes had stormtroopers in

bookmum08 Mon 13-Apr-20 00:56:24

Try an online company called Bricklink. It's individual sellers selling secondhand Lego.

bookmum08 Mon 13-Apr-20 00:58:29

Bricklink was also recently bought out by the Lego company so it is monitored to make sure it's all real Lego parts and not fakes.

nellythenarwhal Mon 13-Apr-20 01:15:16

Look on eBay or ask on local FB selling sites?

Thesunrising Mon 13-Apr-20 04:36:37

Thanks for all the replies - will check out Bricklink and the magazines - cheers!

PorpentinaScamander Mon 13-Apr-20 04:47:53

Mini figure kits. Although I dont know if they make star wars ones. They are blind bags, but if your son is happy to potentially get doubles they are good. My 13 year old is obsessed with them !

HerRoyalNotness Mon 13-Apr-20 04:58:24

They did a storm trooper battle pack last year and this year Lego have these battle packs

BabloHoney Mon 13-Apr-20 05:11:14

Etsy have loads of Lego stormtroopers!

charlieg02 Fri 01-May-20 11:36:19

Hi there, I have a tonne of lego minifigures for sale. Is this still something you are after? I know its a bit of an old thread

AintOverUntilTheCatLadySings Fri 01-May-20 11:44:09

I buy the off-brand ones from eBay. Try typing in 'stormtrooper mini figure'.

I can't remember what the fake Lego is called. Maybe Lelin?

AintOverUntilTheCatLadySings Fri 01-May-20 11:51:57

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