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BirthdayTwins Sun 05-Apr-20 18:33:41

My cousin's daughter has the same birthday as me and even though we wouldn't be overly close, I have taken to getting her a present every year just because we are birthday twins.

My aunt was telling me that my cousin's daughter is quite girly and has started asking for Barbies, but my cousin won't buy her one. Now, I wouldn't for a second go against this and get her one, but I am surprised that a parent would say no to what I think is harmless toy, especially these days as you get Barbies of different sizes, colours, abilities etc. and I think the toy is a lot more inclusive then it was when I played with them in the 80s/90s.

So, is this a common thing now? Would you object to buying your child a Barbie?

puds11 Sun 05-Apr-20 18:35:56

i wouldn’t buy one because I think they are landfill tat.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sun 05-Apr-20 18:37:00

Wouldn’t bother me. Bought one for my niece- she wanted the one in a wheel chair for her drs surgery.

Patchworksack Sun 05-Apr-20 18:39:12

I wouldn't buy one for my daughter. How about a Lottie doll if you want that sort of thing - more childlike proportions and themes.

Pickles89 Sun 05-Apr-20 18:39:27

Down with Barbie! Sindy forever!!

SpokeTooSoon Sun 05-Apr-20 18:41:22

What age OP?

I buy Lottie dolls for very little girls. They are smaller, they look like little girls rather than women and they dress in girls clothes.

This year I am buying for a lot of age 6 birthdays and I think a Barbie is harmless fun. The ballerina one is lovely.

BammBamm Sun 05-Apr-20 18:43:58

DD has barbies but they're all the more realistically proportioned ones. It wasn't intentional but I'm definitely glad as she is definitely not built like the barbies of my era.

She asked for them at Christmas otherwise I wouldn't have bought them as I do think landfill tat, but I wouldn't refuse them.

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