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Lego Technic or Meccano or ...?

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funnyfoursome Wed 05-Feb-20 11:42:33

Would love some advice - we don't have loads of toys. Am trying to buy toys that are creative, i.e. not just kits that get made and left but my son (7) can make lots of things with. He is crazy about Lego, and as well as all his basic stuff and kits, we were given some really old Lego Technic bits from the 70's which had cogs and pulleys.
He makes models himself with moving parts and I'd like to invest in some new stuff for him, but don't know whether to go for Lego Technic (which seems to be mostly kits) or Meccano which seems to be the same apart from this, which everyone says is for younger kids and plastic
Any advice appreciated!

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Ricekrispie22 Fri 07-Feb-20 05:04:37


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