Is it time for the jumperoo to die?

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Lunafortheloveogod Sun 22-Dec-19 19:48:42

Ds is 3kg-ish under the max weight and on the second of three height settings.. the third would put him a little too high to bounce as rough as his stunt man personality likes... but he’s discovered running forward on a bounce like lunging towards the front and obviously that’s now the best fun ever.

But it’s now rocking the base of the frame up off the ground at the back.. it’s time for it to go isn’t it?

He can’t walk independently and is still well in the weight limit. Or do I set him on the highest as a trial cause he’s pretty much out of places to be.. won’t sit in his bouncer, rolls and try’s to head dive out, won’t play on the floor long as he can’t really crawl properly so gets cranky and bored quick.. he likes the walker but he also rams his way for the back door to add to the anxiety.. so I need a narrow gate.

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