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Need help to find a boys doll house

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NeverknewBingexistedbeforeBaby Tue 03-Dec-19 18:16:51

I need help! My two year old DS has seen a dolls house that he loves - but can't have. He loves that the doors and windows, shutters and roof all open and he can put all his cars and trains in.

Unfortunately all the ones I can find online are either castles or barns and the windows and doors don't all open so he's completely uninterested in them and it's very difficult to see online if they all open. There are lots of pink coloured dolls houses but again, I have the same problem that they don't show if everything opens/shuts

So I am appealing for help Mumsnetters, can anyone recommend a building with lots of doors, windows and a roof that opens? Ideally for a boy but am not averse to a girly house if it ticks all the buttons!!


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Bunnybigears Tue 03-Dec-19 18:19:30

Why cant he have the one he has seen?

Puddlelane123 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:23:01

Depending on how big you want / need I wonder if a sylvanian house would fit the bill? They certainly have opening windows and doors although maybe smaller than you are looking for?

NeverknewBingexistedbeforeBaby Tue 03-Dec-19 18:24:53

Bunnybigears It is one of his friends toys

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Corneliusmurphy Tue 03-Dec-19 18:26:17

Could you get a picture of it?

PickAChew Tue 03-Dec-19 18:34:49

DS1 had a little people house that he loved, at that age. We picked it up second hand and you can still get them on ebay and the like, with the various accessories.

My parents bought Ds2 a fab wooden one from toys r us, but I haven't been able to find anything similar online.

EasilyDistracted77 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:39:14

I bet IKEA do a simple one.

Iggly Tue 03-Dec-19 18:40:35

I bought a flat pack one and the whole front and roof opens. Built it myself and then decorated.

goldpendant Tue 03-Dec-19 18:41:18

Djeco do a nice one. Plan and Hape ones are also gender neutral.

ElspethFlashman Tue 03-Dec-19 18:42:11

You need to get the Asda one. It has electric lights, a front that opens, shutters that open, and a roof that lifts up. It also has a blue roof and is entirely unisex.

You can buy a furniture bundle to go in it. Read the reviews as there are a few bundles and I think only one has a toilet set.

FrancisCrawford Tue 03-Dec-19 18:44:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oblomov19 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:46:00

Show us a picture. Of his friends one. Or similar. Then people will be able to help more.

bsc Tue 03-Dec-19 18:48:06

It is one of his friends toys

Argh, damn!
Midnight raid? grin

oohnicevase Tue 03-Dec-19 18:49:42

We have a plain wood one that was my dd's and now my son has it . It was from toys r us . You can paint them
.. funnily enough I saw one in an antiques shop the other day 😂

fallfallfall Tue 03-Dec-19 18:49:52

hape the brand schools and public buildings use. good quality and durable

ironickname Tue 03-Dec-19 18:52:50

boatybook Tue 03-Dec-19 18:53:11

Ask the friend's mum where his is from?

Makesmilingyourbesthobby Tue 03-Dec-19 18:58:24

My DD5 has this from Asda George but it’s out of stock there but you may be able to find it else where like eBay the roof, door and shutters all open and is a very good size

goldpendant Tue 03-Dec-19 22:26:20

Djeco! I've just had another look, they're even better than I remembered!

Tom988 Fri 20-Dec-19 09:09:53

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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