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Tinymum12 Sat 23-Nov-19 16:00:21

So, my daughter is turning 6 and is suddenly into dolls.....
It’s new to me as had a son before who loved typical boy toys such as cars etc

Question- which dolls give you most “bang for the buck”? Should I invest in Barbie or Disney types??? What do they find most appealing and will I find her getting sucked into everything? So if I get Barbie will I end up buying all the bits and pieces like the car; the house etc??

There is a fair amount out there and am confused. Also wondering if anyone has come across any ethnic dolls for variation- eg Chinese, African etc

Thanks in advance for your help and responses!!

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Jemimapuddleduk Sat 23-Nov-19 16:05:36

My 6yo is getting an our generation doll for Christmas- they are gorgeous.

Patchworksack Sat 23-Nov-19 16:10:30

My daughter likes both the 18" dolls (Our generation though hers is actually Sindy and friends) and Lottie dolls. Both have a range of hair/skin colours.

FrostythefeckinSnowman Sat 23-Nov-19 16:14:02

Tree change dolls are amazing and so much nicer than the Disney type but they are in limited supplies. Wish all dolls were like these.

Tinymum12 Sat 23-Nov-19 17:22:22

Hmmm interesting. Not many large brands that actually represent real life then apart from my generation?

I saw the career type Barbies- do girls actually like those? I know mine would pick a princess one over a data scientist any day (much to my dismay) !!! I’m finding this whole doll thing fascinating

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 24-Nov-19 07:04:24

Barbie type dolls are best because they don’t really age. Disney dolls come and go depending on what characters/films are recent. With Barbie, you can buy her a doll now and slowly add to her collection with clothes and accessories over the next 4 or 5 years. With Barbie, you can guarantee that they’ll still be clothes for the doll you buy her now, for many years to come. There are all kinds of Barbies now - when my DN was in a wheelchair for a spell, I gave her the new wheelchair Barbie.

hiptobeasquare Sun 24-Nov-19 07:14:40

Lottie dolls are really nice. They are worth looking at.

Elodie2019 Sun 24-Nov-19 07:30:11

Firstly unless you're a doll collector and don't touch them, you don't 'invest' in dolls! Their hair gets cut, their clothes get lrestyled, they get makeup 'makeovers'!

DDs loved 'Design a friend' dolls - and their expensive outfits!

If you're looking for barbie type dolls , the Disney princesses are from all different cultures and races.
They do baby versions of each too.
My DDs loved them!

Emsy352 Wed 27-Nov-19 23:07:16

What about larger, more realistic looking dolls like this one?

This one looks absolutely gorgeous! 😍 This is what I'm getting for my little one.

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