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Marble run help

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CameraTime Wed 19-Jun-19 20:23:55

We have a Marbulous marble run, which DS loves. He's decided he'd like another one for his birthday, so he can make bigger runs. He'd also like one with a track splitter (where the track splits in 2/3 and the marbles can go different ways) - I can't find any Marbulous ones which have that, so I need to know which other brands can fit together with Marbulous and which might contain splitters!

Can anyone help?

Ricekrispie22 Thu 20-Jun-19 05:22:53

Marble Genius marble runs are compatible with all Marbulous pieces. Marble Genius has an Extreme Setwith action pieces including jumps, loops, etc.Or for specific pieces, such as extra tubes, automatic chain lift, there are Accessory Sets.
Marbulous is also compatible with Galt although the inside of the marbulous fittings are slightly angular, rather than a pure circle. This results in a slightly tight fit, but it is still a good fit.

CameraTime Thu 20-Jun-19 07:55:02

That's great, thanks! I'll look at the accessory kits first and see what they're like!

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