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Paddling pool/above ground pool

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tabbiemoo Sun 02-Jun-19 17:29:29

After many years I am fed up with inflatable paddling pools - almost every summer I buy a new one and within a couple of hours use they are full of grass, dead bugs and other crap. Generally before the end of the summer one ring has a puncture. I have tried almost every brand and they’re all the same. Plus my kids are getting bigger (eldest is 10).

So I am thinking of getting one of the framed typed pools with a filter. But I have some questions - does anyone have one of these? are they good? Is the extra money worth it? (I’m happy to pay around £100-£200). Does the filter really work? Do you need to use cleaning tablet things as well? How big should I get? Is Intex the best brand? Do I need to put something underneath the pool? (Will be on grass).

Sorry for all the questions. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Viena24 Mon 03-Jun-19 12:37:50

We have had a bestway pool for the last 8 years, we started off we the 8ft fast setup pool, which are crap, the inflatable bit on top first year started getting holes and it just loses it's shape, secound year we got a 12ft, then this is 3 years we had the bestway, 18ft 52 inch frame pool still looks new.

There is work involving a pool no matter how big it is, we use cholrine tablets in a floater, we use algazie which last for 6mths, u just use it when u open the pool up, we use the pump that came with the pool which uses filters, net, to pick up dead bugs, leaves ect, solar cover to keep water warm, also have a hand held vacum, which conects to the pump, pick up dirt leaves from the bottom, also need test strips to check the water is o.k.

We don't put it away for the winter, we drain pass the 2 filter pipes, so its about 3/4 full, we take all the filter pipes off, so there is just holes. I put in winter algazie which lasts for 6mths and summer one when i open up the pool middle of may and that lasts 6mths, put the winter cover on. when i open up the pool may,you have to shock the water with 3 times dosage of chlorine vacume the bottom of the pool and test the water.

Kids were in it, first time yesterday all afternoon. We all enjoy it...

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