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Tunnels and tents

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BlessedMango Tue 19-Mar-19 18:31:51

I’m looking to get my rampageous crawling exploring nine month old a play tunnel, possibly one that attaches to a tent.

I’ve seen plenty that look suitable but they say they’re for two years plus. Why is this? Is it a safety thing? I can’t believe that younger children don’t enjoy this sort of thing and benefit from them!

PuzzlingPuzzle Tue 19-Mar-19 18:39:38

I imagine it’s a safety thing, younger babies could potentially get stuck and suffocate if not supervised properly. Personally my baby would have hated it, she’s 20 months and still somewhat scared of the tunnel at her gymboree class (convenient excuse as I wouldn’t want one in my house/garden) but if you think yours would love it then I don’t see the harm as long as he’s very closely supervised. The gym class I mentioned definitely allows kids over 1 but under 2 to play (supervised) in the tunnel so it surely can’t be that dangerous??

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