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Wooden playhouse ideas

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sickmumma Sun 24-Feb-19 13:54:25

We already have a little wooden Wendy house in the garden that I brought second hand a few of years ago for DD 2nd birthday. The kids have grown and we've moved to a house with a bigger garden so I am thinking of upgrading and getting a bigger two story one so the kids have more space to play inside and as they get older it can kind of be a den.

At the moment I think it's 5x5ft and has a little wooden Ikea table and chairs, wooden kitchen and a little book shelf.

The kids are now boys age - 7 and 9 and DD is 5 now.

I was thinking can still keep the wooden kitchen and chairs with colouring etc in the downstairs bit and then upstairs have bean bags and books/ den kind of thing so they boys might use it a bit more too (as they squeeze in with their sister atm but as I said not enough space.

Can anyone recommend a good sized one that will last them a good few more years - looking to spend upto £1000 tops ideally.

Below is the current one.

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