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The Entertainer Toy Shop

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HappyStudent Thu 10-Jan-19 21:29:39

Hi everyone/anyone, I really sorry to bother but I am just a student asking a question for my small research I am doing about the Entertainer toy shop which I'am sure you have all heard of.

My question is: Did you know that The Entertainer toy shop follows strict Christian values?
If so, do you think their values are outdated on the high street?

Any answer would be greatly appreciated and confidentiality is guaranteed. No usernames will be referred to for confidentiality reasons, just the answers smile

Thankyou, and I hope everybody is having a lovely day smile

CraftyGin Thu 10-Jan-19 21:31:01

Yes, I know that they practice Christian values. These values are as important now as ever.

ladygracie Thu 10-Jan-19 21:31:47

I knew that they close on Sundays and had assumed it was for religious reasons.
I don’t know if their values are outdated - they are definitely unique in it though I think.

woodhill Thu 10-Jan-19 21:32:10

Yes I knew this and no not outdated, good on them.

Notreallyhere2 Thu 10-Jan-19 21:32:38

I knew they didn’t open sundays because of religious reasons.

They can do what they like with their business though can’t they. As far as I know they’re not pushing religious beliefs on customers, I’m not sure if there are any extra implications for staff though?

superram Thu 10-Jan-19 21:32:48

No, I didn’t. They open on Sunday so not that Christian. Why outdated-plenty of Christians around. Not sure how such a broad question is actually research.

Theunreasonableone Thu 10-Jan-19 21:32:53

I only found this out very recently and was actually pleasantly surprised at the reason why it’s never open on a Sunday. To me it shows that the CEO values staff and morality/religion over profit - refreshing in society today!

katmunchkin Thu 10-Jan-19 21:32:59

No I didn't know that they practised Christian values, but that makes sense as I always thought it was odd that in this day and age they didn't open on Sunday. But now I know why, I admire them for sticking by them.

JenFromTheGlen Thu 10-Jan-19 21:33:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MyDcAreMarvel Thu 10-Jan-19 21:34:15

Yes and definitely not.

Acopyofacopy Thu 10-Jan-19 21:34:34

I wish more shops would follow their example and shut on Sundays.

ItsHardToExplain Thu 10-Jan-19 21:34:37

There’s a sign up in our local one that states they are closed on Sundays so staff can have time with their families. So I like that 😊

Orchidflower1 Thu 10-Jan-19 21:34:41

What’s your research op?

HollySwift Thu 10-Jan-19 21:36:10

Yes I did, and quite the opposite. I choose to give them more custom as I thoroughly believe all shops should operate the same way.

11yrgap Thu 10-Jan-19 21:37:05

I didn't know that's why they close on Sunday,just thought they were good to their staff. I think it's really good. I used to work in an independent business owned by a Catholic family and they never opened on Sunday either. They would have probably been very busy on a Sunday but they stuck to it.

mnahmnah Thu 10-Jan-19 21:38:01

I did and I respect them more for it. I’m not religious myself.

HappyStudent Thu 10-Jan-19 21:41:05

Thankyou all for your amazing responses!

I also think its excellent that you all applaud them for sticking to their values smile Nice to see.

My research is regarding whether they struggle not opening on sundays but it would appear they are praised for this! smile

CelebratingMyOwnSelf Thu 10-Jan-19 21:45:41

Incredible, lovely to see that not all businesses care just about making money.
I went in at Christmas time for the first time and I was impressed with their selection and price brackets too.
I will absolutely be giving them my business in 2019.
This has made me happy to hear this.

WarIsPeace Thu 10-Jan-19 21:47:49

Atheist here. I quite like it as a shop, always had friendly service and plenty of choice. I'm not bothered about the religion side its their choice to run their business as they wish

Zampa Thu 10-Jan-19 21:50:03

I would be interested to know if they pay the living wage. To me, that would be following Christian values.

I'm an atheist myself but always appreciate their nativity display. That, after all, is what Christmas is about.

AliMonkey Thu 10-Jan-19 21:51:25

Yes I knew and definitely don't think they are outdated. I think it's great that they don't just talk about being run by Christians but reflect it, eg nativity displays, not selling Halloween related things, contributing 10% of profits to charity, not opening Sundays. None of those in theory should contribute to their profits yet they continue to be successful whilst other toy shops have folded and I genuinely believe that it is because they stick to their Christian values.

But then maybe I'm biased because (a) I'm a Christian and (b) I used to regularly go into their first shop when I was a child so have a soft spot for them.

thenextsmallthing Thu 10-Jan-19 21:52:55

The one in the shopping centre in Milton Keynes closed down a few years ago not due to lack of business but the fact the mall owners wouldn't renew their lease if they didn't open on Sunday's.

MrsFogi Thu 10-Jan-19 21:53:29

I think it's great that they have strong principles and follow them through by closing on a Sunday.

Toffeeandyawns Thu 10-Jan-19 21:53:42

No I had no idea, and I’m also pleased to hear they’re sticking to their values. I actually only went into a shop for the first time about a week ago.

Muddlingalongalone Thu 10-Jan-19 21:55:20

Yes I knew this. There was a bbc2 programme about them.
Sticking to your beliefs is an admirable principle, but ultimately they do lose out on a fair bit of my business by not being open on 50% of my shopping days. If I need a kids party present I'll pop into Argos or the works instead.

TeacupDrama Thu 10-Jan-19 21:57:05

yes they never open on sundays even in 2017 when Sunday was Christmas eve /
they shut on Sundays but they are still operating unlike Toys'r'us which closed
also they don't sell toys to do with the occult and I don't think they do gruesome halloween stuff
There is nothing religious in the actual shop they just live by their principles not forcing them on others

mammmamia Thu 10-Jan-19 21:57:12

I didn’t know this and I am really surprised.

I think it’s commendable but frankly in this retail environment where most high street stores are on their knees it’s more irresponsible to lose out on Sunday trade and risk their employees’ jobs if they have to close down, than it is to try and give them some family time on Sundays.

Have you seen the news today regarding trading figures for John Lewis and Debenhams? More retailers will be forced to close down or at least close stores this year.

Our local Entertainer store closed down just before Christmas confused

EekThreek Thu 10-Jan-19 21:58:09

I knew they have Christian values and I think it's fab that they close Sundays. Even in 2017 when Christmas eve fell on a Sunday, they weren't open. I thought that was really brave of them to stick to their values and I try and shop there when I can because of it.
Also helps that you can normally find a bargain as well, and they don't put their prices up for being on the high street where their rates are higher.
I have a lot of respect for them, until I get into the pink corner and my eyes bleed. If they could just move on from that, I'd be even happier!

GrumpyGoose Thu 10-Jan-19 21:59:19

I guessed so from a banner at Christmas reminding customers of the real reason we celebrate Christmas. I think it's outdated in relation to other stores and their operating policy but I don't necessarily think it's a negative thing.

grafittiartist Thu 10-Jan-19 22:01:20

I think it's quite forward thinking really. There needs to be a move toward valuing time and family over profits.
Our branch is so friendly, and actually encourage children- there's a little step at the till so thatt they can pay, and the staff all play with the toys so that you can see them properly. A proper toy shop.

Jfw82 Thu 10-Jan-19 22:01:27

Yes I've known for a few years they don't open Sundays and why. I think it's great they stick to their values and often wish less was open Sunday. Also as they're open online whenever if I needed to shop with them o guess I still could

scrivette Thu 10-Jan-19 22:25:15

I knew they didn't open on Sunday's and the sign in the store said it was so their staff can spend time with their family's. I hadn't realised it was a Christian run store.

It certainly doesn't put me off, I think it's great that they do this. It must cost them a fortune as at my local Shopping Centre they have to pay a fine if they don't open every day of the week.

If I need to buy toys it's always the first place that I visit and I have recommended it plenty of times.

The staff in the stores are always very helpful and friendly and I wonder if it's because they feel appreciated and they 'pass it on' to their customers.

Papergirl1968 Wed 27-Feb-19 08:36:31

I didn't know it had a Christian ethos, and I also didn't know our local branch didn't open on Sundays as it's in a big shopping centre which is open seven days a week. I don't usually go on Sundays (not for religious reasons) so hadn't noticed.
Good on them though. I'm not so bothered about Sundays but I do wish shops wouldn't open on Boxing Day so staff can have a proper break.

RockinHippy Wed 27-Feb-19 10:27:12

I didn't know that it worked by Christian values, ours certainly doesn't as it is open on Sundays along with the rest of the shopping centre it is in.

Does that bother me🤔 it really depends. Religious values are too often used as an excuse for blatant bigotry & that would pee me off big time. However I'm not sure how that would be obvious in a toy shop, so presumably isn't happening. I'll be watching with interest for lesbian Barbie & gay Ken though, if they ever materialise, I would be very unimpressed if they weren't stocked by The Entertainer on religious grounds

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