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Jojo maman Bebe Walker

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user1490285009 Sat 17-Nov-18 09:55:42

This is probably not the right space to discuss this, but I just wanted to warn any parents thinking about buying the jojo wooden baby walker with the blocks. I purchased this Walker in September. Firstly there was a HUGE fuss getting it delivered ( they were trying to convince me it will take 2 weeks to deliver-when their website says 3-5 working days) anyways leaving that aside.

The wood blocks are made of soft compressed wood. So within moments of arriving they became damaged around the corners. Perhaps that was the moment to bin the whole thing. This morning, I found my daughter gagging, I looked into her mouth and a piece of wood from a block she was playing with was in her mouth. I have since binned the blocks ( tbh the Walker itself is not much better in quality but I see no dangerous parts to it).

Not only is this product of poor quality it’s also dangerous. I wrote a review on the jojo website after I noticed the blocks chipping at the corners ...but it’s not showing on their website.

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