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Simple, but steerable, LEGO car/truck

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theSplund Fri 16-Nov-18 12:39:00

Looking for a pressie for a 4yo and LEGO is being considered. When I was a kid I had an old LEGO flatbed truck that you could steer - it wasn't anything flash but I felt it was most enjoyable trying to reverse it etc. LEGO cars seem to fall into two cats - simple and fixed wheels or Technic and too advanced for the smaller child. Any thoughts?

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Ricekrispie22 Fri 16-Nov-18 16:14:24

Do you mean like this?

theSplund Fri 16-Nov-18 17:35:35

@Ricekrispie22 Sadly not - good find though as I wasn't aware of the brand and it's compatibility.
I'm looking for something that you can actually steer/turn the front wheels (like a real car) rather than guide the car/truck - it might be a simple thing but I always remember it being fun learning experience as it coaxes you to think a bit.

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