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Page 2 | Can someone explain the difference between the different Thomas the Tank engine toys?

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ijustwantasofa Thu 08-Nov-18 22:45:48

My nearly-4-year-old has had a wooden train set (brio etc) since he was 2, and we've added to it over the years so he has quite a lot, plus tons of wooden Thomas engines (he really likes/liked Thomas the Tank).
His birthday and Christmas are coming up and he's suddenly talking about wanting the more elaborate plastic track kits instead! Like the twisty turny ones.

I've explained his engines won't fit on then but is any of it compatible with the wooden railway? What's the difference between Trackmaster and Take & Play? Can I just get one set or will I need to add plastic track to it like we have with the wooden track?

I'm reluctant to start off another massive expensive collection, and we've already got some good ideas for presents (he doesn't see many adverts or toys so he doesn't specifically ask for much). I don't want him disappointed though (he has had expectations in the past of getting particular engines and it's horrible to see him wonder why he didn't get them (because we're not mind readers!))

Any info/ advice from Thomas-mad households appreciated!

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GingerbreadBlob Wed 14-Nov-18 03:52:35

This is it in action...

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