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Dolls house?

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Withgraceinmyheart Sun 21-Oct-18 20:22:03

I thinking of getting 4 year old DD a wooden dolls house for Christmas. I want something sturdy and good quality that will last. Are the expensive ones worth it?

Any recommendations?

Thanks smile

Someaddedsugar Sun 21-Oct-18 20:23:32

Check out the Christmas bargains thread under the Christmas section - lots of mentions of the Aldi dolls house that is available for pre-order now!

Ricekrispie22 Tue 23-Oct-18 05:15:36

This might help

Mk1234 Tue 23-Oct-18 05:25:13

Asda have a good selection. My neice had one a few year back and it still going strong.

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