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Wooden play kitchen

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PleaseLetItBeNapTime Sat 13-Oct-18 15:31:13

Would any one be able to recommend a wooden play kitchen for DS who is 2?

A family member has given us £100 to get one for him as a birthday gift and I don't know what to go for.

I personally don't mind the one from Ikea however family member didn't seem to be keen on this, and considering they've given far more than they know that it costs I think they're hoping we buy something different.

Wardrobehamster Sat 13-Oct-18 15:34:12

The Ikea one is better than the Brio imho. Friend was given a Brio and nephew has the Ikea one. I can’t remeber why I thought that though? Maybe because nothing moves on the Brio kitchen, knives and taps don’t turn?

PleaseLetItBeNapTime Sat 13-Oct-18 19:27:21

I've just had a look and the Brio one seems a bit basic in comparison. I think I'll go for the Ikea one and just buy lots of pots and pans and things. Thank you

Ricekrispie22 Sun 14-Oct-18 07:26:50

I'd go for one of these:
Teamson Kids Wooden Little Chef Play Kitchen
Chad Valley Wooden Kitchen with Breakfast Bar

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