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Tell me your baby/child most loved/played with toy.

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OnNaturesCourse Fri 14-Sep-18 18:01:50

At the moment.

Mines is 10 month old and loves their blankie but most played with is the crawl along lion from Fisher price (i think)

happymummy12345 Fri 14-Sep-18 18:05:20

My son turned 3 on the 5th of this month. His favourite toy is his road/ car park/ ramp type thing and cars (similar to the mats you can get that are designed like a road. But it's plastic and has shops, a ramp, car parking spaces, pavements, signs, that sort of thing).

OnNaturesCourse Fri 14-Sep-18 18:08:17

That sounds quite fun! I loved cars when I was younger 😂

I have lots of children in my family so getting an idea of what age group likes what before christmas etc.

RiverTam Fri 14-Sep-18 18:09:05

Happyland. Even at nearly 9 she still gets it out every so often.

OnNaturesCourse Fri 14-Sep-18 18:41:45

I've never seen happyland... I'll need to look into it.

CatsCatsCats11 Fri 14-Sep-18 18:49:41

Happyland and crayons she's almost 2.

Littlelambpeep Fri 14-Sep-18 18:51:43

Ikea kitchen
Art stuff
Wooden train track

DinosaurPoop Fri 14-Sep-18 20:06:05

DS is 2 and his little tykes car is his favourite at the moment. He also has a trolley which he loves and ITNG figurines which he pushes about in said trolley.

PaulMorel Wed 26-Sep-18 08:38:16

My daughter which is now 3 years old, loves her set of cooking toys. She always play with it all day. My wife can have her own time when our daughter plays with her toys.

BeeMyBaby Wed 26-Sep-18 08:51:43

DS is 2.8 and his favourite toy is his scuttlebug ride on. He also quite likes DUPLO but is always excited when on his scuttlebug.

OfDragonsDeep Wed 26-Sep-18 08:58:11

My DS is 2.5 and his favourite at the moment are his paw patrol figures which have to come everywhere with us

motortroll Wed 26-Sep-18 09:14:17

Omg yy to happyland!! All my kids played with it forever! My youngest is now 4 and plays with it at school allllll the time! I only got rid of it as she was choosing her sisters playmobile instead.....essentially the same games just smaller bits lol

My girls have all also really loved the small dolls, the cheap supermarket ones with soft bodies, they're the right size for "breastfeeding" and baby wearing and not too heavy to carry around and easy to change outfits.

And cars. You just can't go wrong with cars tbh!!

motortroll Wed 26-Sep-18 09:14:54

Ps I only have girls. I didn't just single out dolls as a girls toy there.....before I get policed!! Lol

bluechameleon Wed 26-Sep-18 09:26:55

4 year old just had his birthday last week so it's a bit early to tell which of the new toys will be the favourite. The cooker, fridge, till and food have been played with most days for 2 years.
7 month old loves his wooden stacker, Galt jumping wooden people toy and hide and squeak eggs.

NerrSnerr Wed 26-Sep-18 09:28:18

My just turned 4 year old loves Playmobil, she got the park set for her birthday and loves it. My 17 month old loves his big fire engine he can push around.

valentina01 Wed 26-Sep-18 16:32:49

Great thread! I'm sorry to hijack but what are people's thoughts on a good first birthday present?

spinabifidamom Wed 26-Sep-18 18:31:09

My son and daughter love their joint Christmas present which they got last year. It’s a shape sorting toy. We have used it this year a lot. This year they are going to have a toy that promotes pretend play.

deptfordgirl Wed 26-Sep-18 18:52:00

Ds is 2.5 and plays for hours with his brio train set.

tryingtotakeitonthechin Wed 26-Sep-18 19:40:10

I NEED to know about this car mat with ramps.
I can only find one for about £130 but it looks amazing.

tattiehat Wed 26-Sep-18 20:31:20

Around that age my DD loved this walker, the front part removes so she would play with that and then a few months later it really helped her when learning to walk

Redrosebelle Wed 26-Sep-18 20:35:30

Happyland has always been a favourite, and hot wheels with the tracks and other bits that go with it!

Equimum Fri 12-Oct-18 19:42:02

My DSs are 3 and nearly 6. The most played with toys over time have been the Brio trainset, Cosy Coupe car, Micro scooters, Magformers, and Schleich animals/ dinosaurs.

TheSteakBakeOfAwesome Fri 12-Oct-18 20:04:57

5 and 6

Playmobil - particularly the school and preschool and the other thing that gets heavily played with is their V-Tech kiddi superstar microphone where DD1 will conduct pop concerts for her teddies for bloody hours.

Thurmanmurman Wed 05-Dec-18 15:41:08

DD 8 and DS 6. I bought a mini table football game from TK Maxx for a friend's son last year then realised he already had one so I gave it to my DCs and they play on it all the time. Fun for adults too!

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