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Scooter for 6yo?

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dracolovesharry Sat 08-Sep-18 19:02:31

DS wants a 2 wheel scooter for his 6th birthday. Any recommendations on a good quality one?


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Ricekrispie22 Tue 11-Sep-18 19:30:09

Xootz Large Wheeled

PaulMorel Wed 26-Sep-18 08:42:47

I had seen scooters in Target. It has a good quality and if I'm not wrong it is about 30-35$.

Lovethetimeyouhave Wed 26-Sep-18 09:52:32

Definitely get a larger wheeled one, the small ones are quite dangerous when scooting about in places other than skate parks

Equimum Fri 12-Oct-18 19:43:29

I’d second the comment in getting a bigger wheeled one if you aren’t on smooth pavements. DS got a Micro sprite last year and he’s constantly coming off of it on bumpy pavements/lanes!

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