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Sofie2018 Wed 16-May-18 13:06:06

Hi Guys

I am conducting some market research to see if my ethical finger puppet toy handmade by artisans in Nepal would be something you would consider buying for your children. The finger puppets would be purely and truly handmade in eco-friendly felt material which researchers believe is one of the earliest textile forms.By purchasing the finger puppet either as a set or individually, you would be financially supporting the artisans primarily women, making them. This will result in regular adequate wages to supplement their family income and improve their overall standard of living.

The finger puppet toy would be unlike any other as each puppet would be sustainably made and so unique as the artist who created it! Some characters would also be in 2D form whereas others will only be available in limited quantities and then never made again.
Play is essential to a child's development and childhood play is all about learning and discovery. I strongly believe batteries are not always required for children to put their imaginations to work! Child development experts worry that electronic toys and gadgets might substitute for the more important interaction between children and caring adults. My finger puppet toys are guaranteed to inspire your LO's to engage their fingers and imaginative minds to make believe and tell stories through their finger puppets.

Parents can also be reassured that if they play with, sing with, talk to, read to, and enjoy interacting with their children, one-on-one, the interaction and bond between children and parent will undoubtedly become stronger. My Handmade finger puppets will bring out the kid in everyone! The finger puppets will be themed around wildlife to birds, reptiles, insects and farm animals allowing children to role play and let their hands and curious minds run wild! Always entertaining, educational, and inspiring, I believe my finger puppets would bring back traditional childhood play that we all knew and loved growing up as children, a time where there were no iPads, smartphones and tablets but yet we still had fun times and cherish those memories. However nowadays our children seem inseparable from these handheld devices making them unsociable and having a huge impact on their social and emotional wellbeing.

As a parent you would also have peace in mind knowing that the finger puppet your child is playing with is also helping a less fortunate family in a developing country. I would love your honest feedback and suggestions as to whether this is something you would buy for your children and what you would be prepared to pay given you a helping a less fortunate family in the world through this purchase.

Many thanks

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