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Toy kitchens

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flippityflip Wed 22-Nov-17 08:20:13

Two year old wants a toy kitchen for Christmas, myonly requirements are that it is one sided-has to sit in againstthe wall and that it isn't extortionate. She would probably prefer plastic and with plenty of twiddly bits, I would prefer it has a few doors ie oven/wasking machine whatever so that i can close all the toy food bits she has inside etc when the dog is in.
Any suggestions?

flippityflip Wed 22-Nov-17 12:38:20


Bochdew Wed 22-Nov-17 12:59:38

It's not plastic but I really rate the IKEA play kitchen. Ours is 4 years old and all the children who come to the house love to play with it.

Bonelessbanquet Wed 22-Nov-17 13:05:48

I’d also recommend the Ikea one

flippityflip Wed 22-Nov-17 21:02:28

Ooh yes the ikea one! It is one sided I forgot about Ikea! Thanks!

Erica891 Thu 23-Nov-17 10:57:42

Yup, I agree, Ikea play kitchen too!

Zoesweet Thu 23-Nov-17 11:02:39

Check on Amazon or ebay. You have plenty to choose from with great deals.

crazymumofthree Thu 05-Apr-18 16:01:34

We have had two wooden play kitchens (picked one up on eBay cheap for her Wendy house!) the main one inside was a little tikes one which was really great, the second hand one is an elf wooden one which is gorgeous pastel colours and has lots of things to open and shut! Have also heard great reviews about the Ikea one!

MrsMotherHen Thu 05-Apr-18 16:02:23

aldi do a great wooden one at 30quid

HelenCurrier Mon 11-Jun-18 17:04:14

The farmhouse kitchen from SOUZU is really good - keeps my little ones busy!
There's another more traditional one too with more knobs to fiddle with etc if you'd prefer.

Frottie43 Thu 14-Jun-18 15:01:57

I got for my 3 year old niece which is a bit smaller the djeco kitchen at crafts4kids -

wooden and looks 70's - just a bit different!

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