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Bouncy Jumperoo or other (stuck on space)

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user1490025201 Tue 10-Oct-17 13:56:57

Hello. Just wanted some advice on the world of jumperoos. I'm in a 2 bed flat, so we don't have oodles of space, but really liked the idea of a jumperoo for my 5 month old son. I've seen that Fisher Price does a spacesaver jumperoo - but from some of the reviews I gather that it's not that bouncy (and surely that's the whole point?).

Has anyone had any experience, or some recommendations on a jumperoo or similar product that is space saving yet still gives a good bounce?

Really appreciate any recommendations.

CryingShame Tue 10-Oct-17 14:00:34

Have you thought about a door frame bouncer? DS liked his but you have to be careful for door grippers etc. on the floor. He loved his jumperoo but it did take up space. Comes apart in chunks though so you can disassemble it at night.

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