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Best xmas presents for 1 year old

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Chlandy Tue 26-Sep-17 06:25:15

Morning mums and dads

My son is 1 in November and I've got his birthday presents already, a smart trike, some mega blocks, musical instruments, bath toys and a bear made out of his baby clothes and to his birth weight. However, what to get for xmas I am completely stumped! Can anybody tell me the best presents they received or bought for their little ones. He will be 13 months on xmas day, I'm looking for a main present idea and toys. Budget £150 for everything.

Thank you!

ProperLavs Tue 26-Sep-17 06:26:31

He doesn't need anything. Save your money for when he will actually know what's going on.

NerrSnerr Tue 26-Sep-17 06:30:23

I would just spread out what you've got for his birthday as that already sounds like loads. I'd probably add in a stocking with things like socks, chocolate buttons, a hat, small book etc.

I'd put the £150 away for when he's a teenager and wants £100 trainers.

CluelessMummy Tue 26-Sep-17 06:34:54

That's an enormous amount of presents for his birthday - I say use one or two of those for Christmas instead, with maybe a Christmassy book, eg Spot's First Christmas, to read together. For comparison, my DD turns one in October and is getting a trike - the end! It's lovely to spoil them if you can afford it, but remember they're a bit young to really get these special day malarkeys. Why not save that money and enjoy a family day out instead, eg a petting zoo in the spring?

SandysMam Tue 26-Sep-17 06:38:05

The cardboard box whatever expensive present comes in! Trust me, that is all he'll be interested in!

ScrunchyBook Tue 26-Sep-17 06:50:31

My twins are nearly 13 months, toys they enjoy are:
- wooden walkers from the Early Learning Centre
- wooden ring stacker toy from John Lewis (they have lots of nice toys in their own brand range)
- wooden car puzzle
- musical bongo drums
- musical nursery rhyme book
- ball tower
- standing up vtech play table
- v tech play phone
- soft mr tumble football

Chlandy Tue 26-Sep-17 17:35:33

Thank you for the ideas! I do realise it's a lot and unnecessary to some and I know it's not about gifts, it's just something we've always done for each other and our family members, not just our little one. We start saving in December the xmas before and that's just how we do it 🙈 I do take on board what you're saying though so may put £50 straight into next years kitty and spend £100 this year which I do know is still loads! It's hard cos we just want to spoil our little monkeys don't we 😍! Love the stocking idea especially so will definitely do one of those! Just struggled picking toys as we've bought toys for his age group in the past that we've thought are great and he's paid zero attention to 🤣 so just seeing if there's a must have toy out there for this age group ha! Thanks again x

kingsman Fri 29-Sep-17 21:51:53

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iemma321q Fri 29-Sep-17 22:06:45

This is a totally irrelevant comment to your question (sorry) but the bear sounds amazing. Can I ask where you got it?

Chlandy Sat 30-Sep-17 05:24:52

No problem smile it's from Etsy - weighted keepsake memory bears or animals - seller is 2alicesinwonderland smile

Hollyandtheiveee Sat 30-Sep-17 06:05:50

You could get an annual pass to a local attraction (zoo/farm). We did this and used it so much, saving on weekend days out throughout the year.

allthegoodusernameshavegone Sat 30-Sep-17 06:12:04

Yep as has been said, split the gifts you've bought for bday, he will have no idea what's it's all about. Don't start with the loads of gift thing believe me you will regret it when he older and expects it. Enjoy the thrill of watching him open his gifts. And save the bear for him until much later

peachy94 Sun 01-Oct-17 16:08:27

Get toys for 18 months + or garden toys for the summer then it's not such a big gap between Christmas and his 2nd birthday xx

peachy94 Sun 01-Oct-17 16:11:08

Ideas for 18 months+ happyland or little people play toys, play kitchen, cosy coupe, scuttle bug, sand and water table, slide, sandpit x

BusySittingDown Sun 01-Oct-17 16:13:08

Does he like cars? Something like a Little People Garage might be good.

DD2 got one off my mum when she was tiny and she played with it for quite a few years so it was a good buy.
She’s 6 now and we ought to get rid of it but she still plays with it from time to time.

Chlandy Sun 01-Oct-17 16:53:55

That's a very good idea with 18 months plus! Will deffo do that actually thank you! Yes he loves cars (we don't have any, but when visiting friends and family he always raids their toy boxes and loves them) currently browsing the sets on smyths toys! Thank you, never even thought of those x

RedBlackberries Sun 01-Oct-17 16:57:12

The ninky nonk multi function train was always too if the list. It has a night light that plays music, stacking toys and other stuff I can't remember.

newmumwithquestions Sun 01-Oct-17 16:59:22

Best stocking fillers last year (DC were just 1 and 2) were a pack of glow sticks each. Revitalised bath time.

Best present for 1 year olds birthday was a cardboard box with 2 light up balloons inside.

Both from the poundshop.

You'll get a lot of those for £150!

silkpyjamasallday Sun 01-Oct-17 17:05:10

My DD has just turned one, and she had a very similar birthday haul as your DS. For Christmas we are getting her this and its baby pull along. Also some knitted soft toys from the tv program puffin Rock.

She loved some tomy eggs that she got for her birthday and a wooden shape sorting box from my first years which is also personalised. Dd loves books especially touchy feely ones so I will get her a few more of the 'that's not my...' books as she has enjoyed the ones she already has.

sunshinemeadow Wed 25-Oct-17 11:32:47

Peg puzzles? Shape sorter? Pull along toy? One of those hammer & ball pounding toys? Cars?

Teddy7878 Wed 25-Oct-17 11:37:04

Get an aqua doodle. Might be a bit old for him until he's 18 months but my niece absolutely loves her.

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